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Stuffed Avocados

A deliciously rich avocado, baked to perfection, topped with a runny egg, and stuffed with braised short ribs

Avocados. The magical fruit. We see them everywhere these days, and in everything. They are the superfood I didn't realize I needed 15 years ago. My dad has been swearing by these bad boys for as long as I can remember. He used to tell us stories about how they would put avocados and anchovies on toast when he lived in Haiti, and how good of a snack that was. I thought he was crazy, but now, I can never have too many avocados (anchovies are a different story for another day).

I'm realizing more and more that I should have really listened to my Dad when I was growing up. So this recipe is for you Dad!

Baked avocados have been on trend for a couple of years, but I never appreciate them more than when I am on week 2 of Whole30. For anyone who is doing or has done Whole30, having quick and easy recipes at your fingertips is so important. I also really lean into leftovers during Whole30. Cook in bulk and use the bulk items for a wide range of dishes. It helps me to eliminate food boredom, which leads to pizza cravings.

These baked avocados are stuffed with some leftover braised short ribs, and then topped with an egg, salt & pepper, and baked until the egg whites are set but the yolks are still a bit runny. There are layers of flavor and texture in this baked avocado. Most importantly, it is a filling and satisfying meal, AND it is Whole30. Check out my braised short rib post for the recipe. You could honestly add whatever breakfast meat you want to these avocados, or skip the meat and sauté up some mushrooms and kale. The options are truly endless.




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