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Ice Cream French Toast

It's basically dessert for brunch... you're welcome.

If you look up the definition of brunch, it says noun: a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch. Well I say its the combination fo breakfast and lunch, and that is what makes it so special. For me, brunch is a lifestyle. It's a party. The champagne is flowing, the music is on, and it's all about the good vibes and the good food.

I come to you bearing a wonderful addition to your next brunch menu. Ice cream french toast. Yes - you read that right. Ice Cream. When I was about 15, I was at a friends house, and her mom made french toast using ice cream and eggs instead of anything else. I was floored. I never thought about doing that. She was a genius. Ever since then, that is the ONLY way I make french toast. Let's take a second to raise a glass to my friend's mom!

When you really think about it, ice cream really does make the most sense. It is wonderfully sweet, and will flavor your french toast with whatever your heart desires. Over the years, I've tinkered around with this recipe to get the batter the right consistency and the flavors perfect. I will typically use thick slices of brioche or challah. These enriched breads complement the french toast batter.

Let's chat about the ice cream I chose to use. Lopez Island Creamery. WOW. This might be the creamiest, smoothest, most beautifully flavored vanilla ice cream I have ever encountered. You might turn your nose up at the vanilla flavor, but I have a theory that you test everything in its purest form to truly understand how good it is or not. Lopez Island Creamery passed the test with flying colors.

Lopez Island Creamery is local to the Pacific Northwest, and the hand make their ice cream one batch at a time. They use the highest quality ingredients, producing the most amazing flavors. Are you sold? Well, you need to get your hands on this ice cream because it is second to none. You can find it at most local grocery stores in the Washington area, or at Shug's Soda Fountain in Pike Place Market. Make sure to check out this video on Instagram of me making these beautiful french toasts!



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