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Honey Butter Roasted Carrots

Sweet and savory carrots for the holiday season

My mom used to make candied carrots for me and my siblings when we were young. It was always such a treat, because it didn't happen very often. There is something so delicious about a soft carrot with a little sweetness on your dinner plate. Winter time is the BEST time to add candied carrots to your weeknight dinner rotation.

This recipe is a bit different than my moms. She used brown sugar, and I opted for honey. I love honey so much. If you know me, you know that honey is the star of my show. Every day. Depending on the honey, it could be really sweet, have a mellow sweetness, or even have flavors of citrus or pine.

For this recipe I used Local Hive Honey's Colorado Varietal. Local Hive Honey is one of my absolute favorite brand of honey for a few reasons. First, their honey is 100% raw and unfiltered, which allows the honey to retain its unique flavor and all of the local pollens which allows for the wide variety of flavors across their many types of honey.

Local Hive Honey is also made exclusively in the US. So the Colorado Varietal I used in this recipe came from Local Hives in Colorado. Honey is such an important part of our ecosystem, and it has many health benefits. I love substituting sugar with honey, and this recipe is a great example of how I do that.



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