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Thanksgiving Round-up

Everything you need for thanksgiving all in one place!

Thanksgiving can be so overwhelming. The grocery store rush, finding the right recipe, figuring out the guest list. I get it, turkey day might not be everyone's cup of tea. So I am putting together this list of all of my Thanksgiving recipes to hopefully help you with one piece of the planning process.

Veggies & Side Dishes

A new and improved green bean casserole. This classic recipe has been improved by doing everything from scratch. And while, that might seem daunting, I promise you, every ounce of effort is worth it. Fully vegetarian, and absolutely delicious.

I never thought I'd see the day where Brussels Sprouts were on restaurant menus and consistently requested in the home. But here we are, and trust me when I say these Brussels Sprouts with dried cranberries and almonds deserve a spot on your Thanksgiving table. You can thank me later.

Fresh cranberries aren't something I keep around the house, unless it is the holiday season. Nothing is better than fresh cranberry sauce on the plate at Thanksgiving, AND on a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. If you're used to the canned stuff, just give this one a try, I think your life will be forever changed.

This is not your average mac & cheese, and that is exactly the kind of energy we should all be bringing to the Thanksgiving table. It's once a year we sit around the table and eat the most amazing food, stuff ourselves to the point of bursting, but still make room for dessert. Mac & Cheese is on the table at every single one of our holiday dinners. This one is a crowd pleaser.

The number one stunner of Thanksgiving. The OG dish. A dish we NEVER had on our table as a family until I married my midwestern cowboy-of-a-husband. What were we thinking? Oh well, this recipe is tried and true and has a secret ingredient that will guarantee perfectly tasty and fluffy taters.

Untraditional, but delicious. My mother-in-law helped me come up with this recipe. Growing up we always had cornbread stuffing that was cooked inside the bird. Word to the wise, that isn't the best way to go. This stuffing has texture, flavor, and it looks damn good. I know so many people who have sworn off stuffing, don't be one of those people. Add this to your Thanksgiving menu

I swear every one has a different name for this dish. Corn casserole, corn pudding, cornbread pudding. Whatever you call it, I'm here for it. This might be my favorite dish that graces the table at Thanksgiving. I could eat the entire thing myself. If you've never tried, it, put it on your list for this year. It will easily become your favorite dish too!

Baked Goods

Don't let the word brioche scare you. These rolls aren't as difficult as they sound. Did I mention they are pillowy and perfect? I will make a baker out of you yet!

My family is from the South, so our thanksgivings always had a lot of cornbread involved. And to be honest, thank goodness they did because I LOVE cornbread. This cornbread recipe is a one-bowl-wonder, and will definitely be a go-to recipe once you try it out. This can easily be made in a cast-iron skillet, or an 8x8 baking dish if you're not a fan of muffins. This is also a great starter recipe if you prefer a cornbread dressing.

This is my grandma's sweet potato pie recipe y'all. It was the inspiration behind my dish on Top Chef Amateurs, and has brought me so much joy throughout my life. Honestly, the leftover filling is good enough to eat on its own.

Another one of my grandmother's recipes, but I added a little twist. The browned butter and bourbon really pushes this pecan pie across the plane of perfection. I think she would be proud of this one. I learned after she died, that she loved to have a little sipper on the rocks. She was the coolest!

This shouldn't even need an introduction. Apple pie is to Thanksgiving, as a PSL is to Starbucks. I give tips and tricks for how to make a fool proof pie dough. Once you learn how to make pie dough one time, I promise you'll never buy it again. It's not as intimidating as one would think. Trust me when I say I've only been making pie dough from scratch for about 2 years.

Looking for a dessert that is still festive, but on the lighter side? These pumpkin snickerdoodles are perfect. Make a batch, bake half of them, freeze the other half. Make them all, eat them all. Up to you. Either way, you'll be happy you gave them a try.

The Main Event

Cooking a turkey can be a bit intimidating. I know that fact first hand. This is another recipe my mother-in-law helped me to develop, and my friends and family swear by it. I give you a step-by-step guide to making the perfect turkey along with a fool proof recipe. Give it a try this year, and let me know what you think!

Leftovers & the Morning After

I think leftovers might be my favorite part of Thanksgiving to be honest. Don't get me wrong, the meal is great. But the leftovers... chef's kiss. Last year I found that the best way to use the leftovers was to make a pot pie. We clearly didn't have enough pie the day before, so let's make more, ya? No but seriously, this pie is packed with veggies, leftover turkey, AND the leftover gravy. Do yourself a favor and clean out that fridge, and make your tummy happy.

Only because we haven't had enough food at Thanksgiving, and we need to have a decadent brunch the next morning. Just me? Oh well. This apple coffee cake is seriously so good. Make it whenever you want, as long as you make it!


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