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Danie Baker

Hey! I am Danie Baker. By day I crunch numbers and do taxes, but my real passion lies in the kitchen. I started cooking with my Mom and Grandmothers when I was little. Usually just putting cookies on the baking sheet, or licking the beaters clean. I didn't know much about what went into cooking - the creativity, the knowledge, the trial and error - but what I did know was that the kitchen was a place of community. We laughed around the table, told stories, did homework, ate until our stomachs hurt, and just had an overall good time. 

I was 23 when I baked my first cake from scratch, and it was horrible. The first time I made biscuits and gravy for my husband, it was so salty our tongues were burning. After years of working and perfecting some of my favorite family recipes, and learning new ones, I have finally taken the leap to start writing everything down.


 I hope this blog give you the space and confidence to try something new and be part of my community. So let's gather around the table, tell some stories, drink some wine, and eat good food!

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