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Spicy Mushroom Soup

All mushroom everything!

Growing up I absolutely hated mushrooms. I would legit not eat a dish AT ALL if mushrooms were part of it. Like, not even pick the mushrooms out, just straight up wouldn't eat it. I thought they were so gross. They were fungus, and grew in our yard, were poisonous, and I thought that was the most disgusting thing ever.

Fast forward to now, and I cannot get enough of mushrooms. I love how they never leave me unsatisfied or disappointed. They are flavorful and filling. The BEST meat replacement for a meatless Monday option. I'm a huge fan now, and I wish I could tell 10 year old me to just embrace the mushroom. But oh well, I'm glad I finally came around and figured it out.

This creamy mushroom soup is absolutely full of flavor and textures. The mushrooms are sliced, but not too thin - we don't want to lose them as we sauté them in butter. I wasn't sure if I wanted to have sliced onions in this soup. Would they be overpowering? Would it make the soup to sweet? Should they be diced instead of sliced? In the end I decided that the onions should be sliced, just like the mushrooms. I wanted consistency, and that is exactly what I got.

I do feel like the secret step in this dish is to sauté the spices with the mushrooms and the onions; before adding any of the broth. It really helps to develop flavor and bring out the best of all of the spicy goodness in this recipe. If you're on the fence because you don't like mushrooms, I say - give this soup a try, and let me know what you think!




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