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Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Healthy, hearty, delicious, and Whole30

I have eaten plenty of loaded baked potatoes in my lifetime, but I've never had a loaded sweet potato until now. I was seeing this trend all over instagram, and I had to jump on board. Especially since I am trying to eat healthier, and cut out dairy, grains, and sugars. The most important part about a cleanse or a diet, is making sure the food still tastes good. No one likes boring food, and it is quite the achievement when healthy food also tastes good.

These loaded sweet potatoes satisfy all of the requirements - healthy and delicious.

Stuffed with spiced lamb, a bright cucumber salad, and an avocado aioli. There is so many flavors and textures it almost feels like your cheating on your cleanse. But I promise you, there are no grains, added sugars, or dairy.

For the spiced lamb, I wanted the flavors to mimic this ground lamb dish I had at a Moroccan restaurant once, and it needed to be saucy. I just remember tasting a lot of different spices, with cinnamon being the leading spice. If you haven't figured it out by now, I love cinnamon so much and put it in almost everything. For the saucy aspect, I mixed in this Zippy Chili Harissa from Haven's Kitchen that added the right amount of heat, spice, and additional flavor. If you haven't tried out Haven's Kitchen's sauces, definitely give them a try. It is a women owned company that uses fresh ingredients to make a variety of sauces, and they delivery them right to your door. Use these sauces as a marinade, as an ingredient in a recipe, or as a sauce on top. They are all so delicious. I used the Harissa in the recipe, and on top of the finished sweet potato for an extra kick.

The cucumber salad is extremely simple and added a refreshing brightness to the hearty sweet potato. I literally just chopped up a cucumber, yellow bell pepper, and a red onion, and tossed it olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon juice. It was quick and easy to make, and the next day I threw the leftover cucumber salad in the pan and sautéed it with some sausage links for breakfast. I love any addition to a dish that I can repurpose.

As for the avocado aioli on top, I used half an avocado, whole30 compliant mayo, some garlic powder, more lemon juice, and salt & pepper to taste. Combined it with an immersion blender, and voila - the perfect creamy topping for these delish stuffed sweet potatoes. And NOTHING lacked in flavor. There was seriously flavor in each and every component of this dish. I promise you, that is the key to sticking to a cleanse or a diet, make sure you're making food you actually want to eat!




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