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Buffalo Chicken Empanadas

buffalo chicken reimagined

From Episode 1 of The Dish! I bring you Buffalo Chicken Empanadas. Wow. This was such a fun recipe to dream up. If you haven't watched this episode yet, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and take a look. My sister and I have so much fun making this recipe for you, and truly just living our best lives!

This recipe started with the base to my buffalo chicken dip. I promise you, almost every time I talk to my sister, she asks me to make buffalo chicken dip for her. It is probably her favorite recipe of mine. So, to honor her on the premier of The Dish! I wanted to give her buffalo chicken in a whole new way.

These empanadas are pretty special too. Not only are they filled with buffalo chicken dip, but they have a blue cheese surprise in the middle. When I asked my sister blue cheese or ranch, she couldn't really decide. So we settled on blue cheese inside the empanada, and ranch for dipping. That pop of blue cheese when you bite into the empanada is glorious. SO MUCH FLAVOR! Not to mention the dough, which is speckled with extremely fresh cracked black pepper. My mouth is watering - yum.

We're serving the empanadas with fresh chimichurri (check out the recipe here), and homemade ranch (check out the recipe here). If you've never made ranch from scratch, fear not, I give you the step-by-step and will be posting a video tutorial soon! After you make it once, you'll never buy it again. It is so easy, and SO delicious.



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