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Whole30 Curry Meatball Soup

Hearty. Delicious. Healthy

Ok - the weather has been so cold and gloomy lately, all I want to do every night is cuddle up with a warm bowl of soup. I'm also trying to eat healthier during the week, but don't want to leave dinner unsatisfied. In walks this amazing delicious, hearty, healthy Whole30 Chicken Meatball and Curry soup.

The meatballs are a mixture of ground pork and ground chicken. The chicken is what I think makes this relatively healthy, while the pork imparts so much flavor and keeps the meatballs from drying out. There is a lot of goodness going on with these meatballs - ginger, lime zest, curry powder. They have so much flavor on their own, and stand up nicely to the flavor curry soup.

While testing this recipe, I realized that trying to recreate the Thai curry flavors we get at our favorite restaurants was going to be very difficult. For many reasons, but the most important reason being we're using store bought curry paste. However, by mixing both curry paste and curry powder and giving the soup time to develop flavor, I think we came as close as we could. If this delicious soup isn't hearty enough for you, the addition of cauliflower rice would be great as well.




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