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Smoked Salmon "Bagel"

Guilt-free, open-faced, smoked salmon breakfast "bagel"!

This smoked salmon "bagel" is going to blow your mind. I kid you not, when I took my first bite, I thought I was biting into a perfectly baked, soft and chewy bagel. It was so satisfying, I didn't miss the carbs or the dairy. Not one bit.

Part of what I love about clean eating, or doing a cleanse, is reimagining some of my favorite recipes. Technically with Whole30, you aren't supposed to make a version of something that would otherwise be an indulgence. Thankfully, I don't eat smoked salmon bagels every day, and this isn't a trigger for me - except it was so good, so I better be careful.

This was my first time trying vegan cream cheese. I have been wanting to try more plant-based foods, but have been a little scared. I get nervous that the new textures or different tastes are going to really throw me off. Miyoko's Creamery is the vegan cream cheese brand I tried this time around. This is not sponsored, but I had heard good things, so I wanted to try it. I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. It is cashew based, and it completely satisfied its purpose in this recipe. I would say it is pretty tangy, more so than regular cream cheese, but other than that, it's gold. While this recipe is not vegan, I wanted to find a cream cheese substitute that would be Whole30 approved.

The other major player in this recipe is the portobello mushroom.

I made sure to buy nice, fresh, big ones. They considerably reduce in size when baked, so you'll want to make sure what you buy is on the larger size. The portobello was the perfect vessel to deliver everything that would typically be on a smoked salmon bagel. It created an amazing savory flavor that truly tasted like the open faced bagel sandwich. This recipe is easy, healthy, and delicious. There is very little cooking involved, and it comes together in less than 30 minutes!




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