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Chicken & Sun Dried Tomato Sando

It's National Sandwich Day!

Y’all. I love a good sandwich. Who doesn’t? It is the perfect concoction of all things we love, right? Sandwiches include proteins, veggies, cheese, and most importantly of all - BREAD. And for some reason, every time I eat a sandwich, I feel so satisfied. A beautiful combination of all of my favorite things.

For national sandwich day, I’ve teamed up with The Seattle International Baking Company of Franz Bakery to create a sandwich specifically for them. We’re using their newly released Classic Brioche as the bookends for this sandwich and it did not disappoint. This brioche is everything a good sandwich needs. Soft and fluffy, a tiniest hint of sweetness, and it toasts so beautifully it’s magical.

I honestly look at this loaf of brioche and mind starts rushing with all of these cool recipe ideas. This would be the perfect bread for french toast, bread pudding, homemade croutons, homemade bread crumbs, grilled cheese, avocado toast. You name it, and the Classic Brioche is the ultimate choice.

Let’s chat about this sandwich we developed for a second. It is layered with the flavors and textures that are necessary to create the perfect sandwich. Paprika chicken, a whipped sun dried tomato goat cheese, caramelized onions, and fresh arugula. The savory chicken with the tangy goat cheese and the slightly sweet caramelized onion topped with peppery arugula - WOAH. Are you running to the kitchen to whip this sandwich up yet? Because you should be!



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