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Buffalo Chicken Wings

The perfect football season staple

Would it surprise you if I told you I don't like Buffalo Chicken Wings? My husband loves them, but I am just not a fan. I'm not sure that I am a fan of wings, period. I don't like how messy my fingers get. Oh well. That won't stop me from sharing this recipe that my husband and my sister SWEAR is so good.

Crispy, juicy wings. Could your football watch party ask for anything else? Also, this entire recipe is Whole30 approved. Yep. You heard that right. The buffalo wings AND the ranch. It is amazing the healthy options you can create if you just think outside of the box a bit.

These wings came together in a quick 30 minutes. And while the wings are cooking I easily whipped up the ranch. I honestly think the trick to full flavored party wings is to make sure that the chicken is seasoned while cooking, and that all of the flavor doesn't just come from the buffalo sauce. My sister can attest that having depths of flavor, even on buffalo wings, is the best way to go. I just season them liberally with salt, pepper, and McCormicks Garlic Seasoning before popping them in the air fryer or the oven. Toss them in the sauce, and voila - your perfect Super Bowl snack is served. This was also my first time using an Air Fryer. Omg. I am obsessed. I haven't used it for anything but the wings yet, so I can't give a full review. But - I have very high hopes. Stay tuned.




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