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Braised Short Ribs with Crushed Potatoes

A hearty Whole30 meal!

I realize this doesn't look like much. But I promise you, making this dish is so worth it. If only for the fact that this recipe makes quite a lot of food which can be repurposed all week long. Every time I do Whole30, or any kind of cleanse, I look for ways to make my meals stretch. These cleanses limit where you can eat, so you end up cooking more than you anticipate. The more you cook, the more dishes there are to do. It's a never ending cycle of cleaning up your kitchen just to dirty it up again.

I bought these short ribs from Costco, which was the best idea I had last week. First of all, everything Costco sells is bulk. Second of all, 5lbs of short ribs was significantly cheaper at Costco than they would have been at my local grocery story. Remember, the goal of this recipe is to make something once that we can eat all week.

Braised short ribs also don't take a lot of effort, which makes for an easy one pot meal that is sure to satisfy the whole family. I love my dutch oven for meals like this - I can sear the meat, sauté the vegetables, and roast the meal all in one pot. I needed this more than you know to keep the clean-up easy. A couple of ways I used the left over short ribs were on Whole30 breakfast "toast", and in a stuffed avocado. While we made it originally for dinner, we used it or breakfast and lunch as well - seriously the best!

Let's not forget about these potatoes. They are dairy free, and Whole30 compliant. They are the EASIEST potatoes you will ever make, and I promise they taste good. The trick is to salting the water so it tastes like the sea - yes. We want that much salt. I also add a thyme sprig and sometimes a crushed garlic clover to impart additional flavor to the potatoes while they cook in the boiling water.

Once they are fork tender, just mash them with the fork, top with chives, green onion, or parsley, and they are done. Boom. Just like that.

I promise you will not even miss the butter or the cream cheese. But - if you do, feel free to add in a TBSP of ghee after they are cooked and it will make them even more delicious.




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